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Thursday, 23 December 2010

"We Love, We Lose, We Learn"

I keep little pieces of you underneath my pillow.
One day I’ll put them together.
Make the most beautiful dream come real.

You draw little pictures for me on the window.
The image will last forever.
You’ll never know though how it made me feel.

Tell me who you are please, coz,
I don’t know your name.
I thought I knew the person,
Not the player playing the game.
And tell me who this heart belongs to, coz,
It doesn’t belong to you.
I thought I fell in love with the person,
Who spoke the truth.

I still keep little shards of dreams hanging in the air.
I refuse to believe it’s over.
We may love and lose but we love again.

You say all of the right things whenever you’re not there.
Breathing is getting slower.
The deathly silence draws to an end.

- chorus –

And we love, we lose, we learn.
And we live, we lie and we burn.
Mistakes are made and lives can change,
In the space of a heartbeat.

And we love, we lose, we learn.
And we fight, we fall and we turn.
Words are said and they fill our heads,
And we think we become complete.

- chorus -

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