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Saturday, 18 December 2010


I’m breathing.
But only barely hanging on, through,
This time of your departure.
And I was smiling.
But that didn’t last long, you,
Had to go ruin this adventure.

Love is gain.
Love is pain.
Love is short.
Love’s insane.

Love is gain.
Gaining the whole world in your hands.
(But) Love is pain.
It falls down and you don’t understand.
(That) Love is short.
But the memory stays on forever.
Love is fake.
Love’s not true.
And I have learnt this, from you.

I’m here.
Back in my space, tenth time,
And possibly the last time today.
I’m trying.
To not be a disgrace, all the time,
And let you fall in to my games.

(Chorus 2)
Love is blind.
Love is so unkind.
Love is poor.
Love is not placed in the mind.

Love is blind.
Blind to all reasoning and compromise.
Love is so unkind.
Never forgiving to any form of lies.
Love is poor.
It takes and it takes, and has nothing to give.
Love is a curse.
Love’s a disease.
Why would you ever want to love me…?

When I have these lines,
Engraved in to my skin?
They’re not for your eyes.
I let your temptation win.

Love is so cruel, so kind.
So wrong, so right.
Love is greener on the other side.

Love is so wild, so tame.
So different, but the same.
Love is nothing, but a simple game.

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