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Saturday, 18 December 2010


I know not what love is,
But what it can do.
I've witnessed the special effects,
That it's had on you.
I know not how love feels,
But how it can dictate.
I thought one day many years ago,
That love was in my fate.

I know not why love consumes,
Or why it is so addictive.
I've not joined in the process of loving,
And yet I feel restricted.
I know not when love can strike.
I question if it happens at all?
Funny though, that it's always on my mind.
Just waiting and waiting for the call.

I know not why love is a drug,
To be taken twice a day.
But I know if I don't get my dosage,
Then my heart will soon decay.
I know not why love is sparse,
In such a romantic society.
Seems to only choose the brave,
And skip the weak like me.

I know not why love is here,
Showing itself in such young skin.
Creating a situation,
Where nothing can begin.
I know not why love is you.
You're from a different dream.
I can fight all I can but still,
You, reign supreme.

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