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Saturday, 18 December 2010

"This Is The End"

Love is, not in what we say but what we do.
And I would have walked, the deepest waters to show my love for you.
It doesn’t hang on the words you often say.
But it forms in the actions you seldom make.
And I should have known by now my mistake,
Was when I give and I give but I never take.

We could be friends,
But I’m afraid, this is the end, my dear.
We could be lovers.
But I’m afraid, of what’s undiscovered, my dear.
We could be friends.
But I’m afraid, things won’t mend, my dear.
We could be kindred spirits,
But I’m afraid, I do not feel it, my dear.

Love is, not what you feel for me but me for you.
And it’s a god damned shame, that an unbalance reveals the truth.
I can’t love you forever and a day.
And nor can I just sit here and patiently wait.
I shouldn’t have let myself fall into this state,
But I suppose it’s my own fault now for feeling this way.

- chorus –

Love is, not found in the letters we write to one another.
But more in the movements, that occur deep beneath the covers.
It doesn’t just happen while wishing on a shooting star.
But more in the feelings of when we’re apart.
And I’ve said before that you can keep my heart.
As I for one am heading back to the start.

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