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Saturday, 18 December 2010

"Love To Hate"

We haven’t spoken for a while,
And I’ve forgotten your smile.
Has he stolen it from you?
Is it not something you do,
We used to talk all the time,
But now you have a new life.
Has he changed you for the better?
Has he stolen you forever,

You don’t need me,
You don’t need me, anymore.
You have found,
You have found what you’re looking for;
A man to manipulate,
A man to dictate,
A man to make mistakes,
A man you love to hate.

I had many conversations with you,
But I don’t know which face I was talking to?
Has he given you a new one?
A journey to a new sun,
And stars?
I loved you every day I missed you,
And I can’t believe after what we’ve been through,
It all ends so soon,
It all ends so soon and I don’t know who,
You are?

- chorus –

Sit in silence.
Watch the words fall from the empty sky tonight.
We have no patience.
We rushed into things to only regret what was right.

- chorus -

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