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Friday, 20 April 2012

Summer Summer Summer-time.

Hot. Bloody hot as my Nanna would say! But I'm so happy- I've missed the summertime. Weather forecast from iPhone said 37*C but my hotel man said "forty-hoo, forty-hoo! Very hot hot" which I can only imagine means 42*C. Now I know my experience with people telling me numbers in Laos isn't brilliant (pilot telling me 14*C and taxi man telling me 6km) but i'm pretty sure it is over 40*C.

Woke up about 10am as per normal having FINALLY got to sleep at 3am. Packed all my things up and went downstairs. Confirmed my taxi to the airport and then decided to go for a walk...cause you know, what else do you do in 40*C heat?! The worst part of it is though is that I made such a big deal about how I'm fine with the heat to the hotel man that pride then gets in the way when I want to turn back after 12meters! I was thinking of making an excuse like "oh I forgot my..." but that's the thing, my contents are so basic that I couldn't have forgotten anything?! So I walk, and I melt, and I walk, and I melt. (very good for losing weight!) Eventually I find a bar and have the most appreciated glass of coke light ever imaginable!!

Ride to the airport was uneventful, the airport was standard, I bought a pen for 5,000kip and read more of my book- nothing interesting here except oh, my pen is blue. (Thrilling)

The plane itself however, oh my bajeebas!! See picture. If it were any smaller I'd have expected to be handed a parachute and some guy called "Rick" claiming to be my tandem partner! Thankfully though I had a seatbelt (unlike the skydiving plane) and everything was fine.

Landed at 4pm in Hanoi- perfect timing for rush hour traffic in 'downtown'. If I thought the streets were crazy before, holy crap are they crazy during rush hour! There's motorbikes (scooters really) absolutely ev-er-y-wh-er-e!! I took a video which I don't know how to upload from my phone, but believe me- it was crazy! I just kept my head down and prayed we didn't hit anything or anyone.

The room I have in my hotel...well, I didn't mean to book royalty but that's certainly what I got! My room has a doorbell!! It also has a lounge and lush double bed. I have a television and computer to myself as well as a balcony looking over the quiet streets of Ha Noi, lol jk, it's crazy outside!! So much beeping.

Sorry to make you read so much today! But here are today's photos for your enjoyment!




  1. As always i really enjoy reading about your adventures so keep them coming. Are you trying to make us jealous with your glorious weather? We have had thunder and lightening today with some hailstones mixed in lol! That plane does look very small, wouldn't get me in it lol. Take care and speak soon Lindsey xx

  2. The plane looks like the one we flew to Phitsanulok in!!! ours was a 36 seater and we bobbed about in the air like a kite!! - Yes they like their door bells outside hotel rooms - make sure you don't accidently switch on the do not disturb sign like we did or they won't clean your room!! We could certainly do with a bit of your sunshine! x x