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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Riding on the Highway

Not much to update for this blog entry. Last night we were on the over night train from Hanoi to Hué- in total about 15 hours. Our cabins had 2 bunk beds in and they were actually quite nice. Can't say I've ever slept on a train before (apart from the other sleeper trains on this trip) and so my cabin consisted of the self named "Team Oreo" which is Sarah, Stacey, Nicola and myself.

After arriving in Hué about 11am we drop our bags of at the appropriately named "Smile Hotel" and then we headed straight out on a motorbike tour of the area....oh yes, we were most definitely cruising down the highway!

Riding on the back of a motorbike was actually on my life to-do list so this was a lovely surprise. We went all around the city and visited the tomb of the last King of Vietnam as well as the oldest bridge. We also had a vegetarian lunch at a nunnery...can't say that was top of my enjoyment list though :-/

We got back to the hotel about 5ish and I checked in to my (stunning) room - see picture - and am now having a quiet night in. We've done a lot of moving about recently which I do love, but sometimes you just need a night to yourself to chill and re-pack everything, especially as I have no clean clothes left.

Tomorrow (Monday) we head to Hoi An and we stay there for 3 nights so that will be nice to feel like we have a base. The weather is set to be 35/36*C in Hoi An which I am particularly enjoying as Hoi An has some beautiful beaches which I think we are planning on cycling to on Wednesday for the whole day to catch a tan.

Soooo yeah. Those have been my most recent movements. Having an early night tonight as we have an early start. Our bus to Hoi An leaves about midday I think and before then we have a cyclo tour of the citadel!

So for now enjoy these photos...mainly of me :-) and I shall catch you all up very soon from the beach (if it has wifi of course?!).

Kiss kiss


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