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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Now put your hands up

Jet lag is becoming a bit of a bitch at the moment. I'm finding myself waking up about 2am and not being able to get back to sleep. I've heard it's harder when you go east as opposed to going west and comparing this trip to Alaska, i definitely agree. So feeling like a hamster being awake between 2am and 5am I managed to read more of my book. Eventually I fell asleep and woke up to an email saying my last creative writing assignment had been marked- 83% booom!

Following on from that high I researched a bit more about how close to the Thai border I was. Eventually I just got in a taxi and off we went. So everyone who's been to Thailand, put your hands up- oh, Dan...no hand up?

Before going to Thailand though I thought I'd sample some of the local cuisine...Ice Cream flavoured Oreos seem to be popular so I thought i'd push myself and try something new. I didn't like them. Meals are becoming sparse but I'm feeling alright.

The weather in Laos is brilliant! Pure sunshine and about 35*C. When I was on the plane yesterday I thought the pilot said it was 14*C, so I put my jumper on in preparation...what a knob I was! I did wonder why everyone was looking at me strange in the terminal?! I also thought my taxi driver said my hostel was only 6km from the airport, turned out to be 60km (good thing I didn't say I'll walk!) so I'm having some language difficulties but that's not stopping me from having an amazing time!

I've met a couple of group travellers- a lot like I'll be joining on Sunday and they're all really nice and welcoming me into their conversations. I'm very excited about meeting my group- just hope they aren't losers like my group in Africa...yeah I'm talking to you Mel and Sarah and everyone else reading this!! :-p

Having been dropped off at the Loas/Thai border my taxi man (who speaks no English) says "wait". Originally I thought he meant I was to wait but no no, he meant he'll wait while I sort out visa stuff...awkward 5mins while we look at each other blankly!

I pass through Laos exit border easily and get on a local bus to cross the 'Friendship' bridge into Thailand. Local bus. I'm so glad I flew to Laos and didn't get a bus! (see picture)

Having arrived at the Thai border, I get my passport stamped (YES!!) and grab a taxi to Mi Chai. I have a diet coke, and then ask the taxi driver to take me back to Laos. It was probably the shortest time I've ever spent in a country including my booze cruise trips to France with Dad!

Anyway, the bus back to the Laos border only took Thai Bach so I had to get some money out. Having no clue what the exchange rate was or what the value is of the Thai currency I withdrew from an ATM the lowest amount possible- 500 bacht. The bus ticket was 15bacht. GREAT! Anyone going to Thailand and want some currency?!

Back in my room now. Need to drink some water. It's very hot, which I love but I don't think I'm drinking enough.

Will check in again a bit later, but for now perhaps enjoy some photos of my travels today...



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  1. I've been to Thailand...twice.....five star hotels too, non of your riff faff in the days pre children!