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Monday, 23 April 2012

All aboard the Night Train


Wow, what a few days. It's very hectic and we're always moving around which I am LOVING. My group are amazing and made some really nice friends already.

So to try and catch up (as it's been a few days) on Sunday night I stayed in the same hotel in Hanoi (my presidential suit) and during the day we did a cyclo ride of the city. Now if you don't know what a cyclo ride is; think being cycled around on a rickshaw, down the M25, with a thousand bikes per second whizzing past you and on top of that a Vietnamese man shouting "so wherea youa froma?!". It was an experience to say the least!!

On Monday day time we explored Hanoi some more then headed to the train station to catch an over night sleeper train from Hanoi to Lai Chau. The train was brilliant- it was 10 hours leaving at 9pm and I managed to sleep for a couple of hours after having much laughs with Nicola, Sarah and Stacey - my bunk buddies. We talked, we laughed (a lot) and we sang- a great trip all round!!

We got off the train about 5.30am (ouch!) and then got a bus to Sapa. Sapa is truly beautiful!! I knew the views would be stunning, but no photos can do it justice. I did get some nice ones of the scenery as well as some of the local people but nothing will really be able to truly define what we saw.

We had a really nice walk around a local village in the 36*C heat- yeah, it's hot, then after that we came back to our hotel. Somehow I managed to wangle my own room again, complete with balcony and jacuzzi bath!

Now chilling in the games room with a beautiful bottle of iced cold water, feeling the breeze sweep through my hair and waiting for Stacey for our game of pool...how's all your Tuesday mornings going?

Also, word has got out about my birthday being on Friday...mainly because I told everyone so I big party is being planned on our private boat as we sail around the thousands of islands in Halong Bay!! Life is pretty sweet at the moment I gotta admit!

So it's goodbye for now, I'll blog again in a few days when I get a chance. Coming up we stay in a Vietnamese home tomorrow night, followed by a sleeper train the follows night and then sleeping on our Junk Boat under the stars on Friday night.

Ciao for now.



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