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Saturday, 21 April 2012


It seems bizarre that at night, the weather changes so dramatically. Almost like Hanoi has a secret persona that only comes out in the dark time. Having had beautiful sunshine and glorious heat all day yesterday (I'm having to remind myself constantly what day I'm in) the night brought storms with rain, thunder and lightning. It wasn't a massive storm by any means, not like a tropical downpour we used to get in Sri Lanka, but still, it felt like someone upstairs was venting their anger.

But when I walked the streets this morning, not s spot of wet anywhere. If you were a heavy sleeper you wouldn't have known (at all) what occurred last night...and it makes me wonder if this happens every night? Tonight, we shall see.

So today is Saturday, the time 3pm. Tomorrow I join a group of other travellers and we head as a group all over Vietnam. I'm really looking forward to meeting new people- a statement I wouldn't have said 5 years ago. Of course I'm nervous, who wouldn't be?! That overwhelming fear that no one will like me and I'll be all alone for another 2 weeks...lol, I'm sure it will be fine!! *crosses fingers and prays!*.

Today was pretty much just a "make sure I've got everything sorted" day. Checked and double checked my money. Thought I lost my passport but then remembered the reception has it. Also thought I lost my debit card but then found it. It annoys me that I'm not as relaxed as I used to be. Psychology will probably say that I have more barriers up having been hurt by close people last year. Shop owners here smile as you walk past, and instantly I put my hands in my pocket to make sure I have everything. Taxi drivers ask if I want a lift and I automatically assume they'll rip me off. I don't think it's that kind of culture here. I genuinely think they just want to help. I may be being naive and stupid, but I miss that care-free attitude. I have a lot to hate about a couple of people, but this change in attitude makes me hate them more.

Aaaaannnddd flush that negativity away. I'm in a beautiful country, about to have an adventure of a lifetime. I am very fortunate. I never forget that. Especially when I get to watch Tom and Jerry in this beautiful country!

Most likely have a quiet night tonight. Spend some time in the bar and try and work out who will be in my group.

Today's word- Forgive.
And here are today's photos...


P.s I think reading "The Help" is starting to have an effect on me. The book is based in Mississippi and its written in that southern twang accent, so now if something happens I find myself saying "oh Lordy" a lot. Jesus not gon' like that!

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