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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Say a little prayer for me...

So according to google maps, going from A to B is 4 minutes - I take 69 minutes. The streets of Han Oi are a nightmare! I'll try and upload a video!

After having severe difficulty with translation at the hotel (location B), I'm not sure if I've booked an extra night on Friday as wanted, or if I've completely cancelled my whole reservation for Saturday and Sunday entirely...we'll find out on Friday I suppose?

My taxi driver to the airport was on his phone the whole time- nice to know that they take safety as seriously as we do but it did give me a chance to have a (very) quiet sing a long to Kelly Clarkson on the radio! Oohhhhh yeeeaahhh I'm cool! I also saw my first wildlife today- just casually at the side of the road- a couple of buffalo. Africa's second deadliest animal just strutting around...but you know, standard in Vietnam!

The flight from Vietnam to Laos on Laos airlines was absolutely fine, despite the lady sitting next to me saying a prayer (out loud I may add) as we take off. Always brimming with confidence the local folk here!!

Anyway, I'm now in a place that I can't remember the name of in Laos...begins with V I think? And as I put my shoes on the rack (it's that kind of hostel :-/) I hear a "so where you from buddy?" coming my way. As I reply "London good sir" he replies "no shit? I'm from Stratford!" Now...my UK geography isn't brilliant but I'm sure Stratford isn't close enough to London for this guy to get up and hug me?! Nevertheless I felt happy this man was happy to find another Brit. He invited me out for dinner but tonight, I declined as I'm rather tired.

Now in my room, blogging away watching BBC News...ahhhh, home.

Right, that's all for now!



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  1. Just in case you meet this guy again - there is a place in London called Stratford - I think its east London - not sure!. were you thinking of Stratford on avon! Anyway sounds a great place (Vientiane not Stratford!)

    whats the weather like? are the natives friendly? and is there any truth in the rumours about the food?
    Keep talking! X x x