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Saturday, 30 July 2011

"New Pants"

So my trip is coming to an end...sad.

As I start to begin to think about life back home (BORE!) my mind turns to how i'm going to upload all 850 photos :-s obviously not everyone is going to want to see all of them...and if they do - they clearly have no life! So i think i'm going to upload them in different albums. 1) Landscape 2) Wildlife 3) ME! That way people can look at what they want. The albums will of course be called "Into The Wild".

I find myself in a very privileged situation. I’m sure not many people can say to themselves; right - let’s create a new dream as I’ve fulfilled this one. Having gone to the other side of the world and experienced ferocious wildlife, breathtaking landscapes and life changing experiences I really feel that the world was made to be seen. I want to go to every country on this planet and witness the spectacle of life there.

I have so much pity for people that stay in one place all the time. And bless them, they try to go on holiday to ‘luxurious’ places such as Majorca (lol), but at the end of the day - they lead such sad, pathetic lives. Where is their fire? Where is their motivation to share in each others’ cultures? Personally I think they’re pretty arrogant to think that Woking is the be and end all of life. BUT, I’m not wasting my time with those people anymore…thankfully!

So my next dream - live in Australia for a year. And this is going to happen in November 2012. If anyone from Outline is reading this - we need to talk :-p (I will come back, I promise!)

By November 2012 I would have graduated and my brother will be married to Jade (I <3 27) Peake. So it seems like the right time to run away for a year and live in a different country. I have some savings ready to be spent on such an adventure so let the excitement begin!!

Anyway, back to Alaska. I’ve just realized I need to be leaving my hostel about 2.30am and then it’s pretty much non stop traveling for about 30 hours - fun. (Actually, I love the traveling bit. Makes me feel free…oh jeez, how cheesy!)

So yeah, not a particularly interesting post today again, soz. Oh - yesterday I saw some polar bears and brought some cookie monster underwear - it was a pretty special day.
Ciao for now.

These are the pants:

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