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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Day 2. Moose Day.

Day 2. Thursday 21st July, 2011.

Today I got charged by a moose while walking on my own along the coastal trail. It was the single scariest moment of my life, and I’ve been in some scary situations. So this is how it happened:

I was walking along the coastal route that goes from Downtown Anchorage all the way round to the airport. About 2 miles into the walk, I see a moose on the left hand side in the bushes. I felt a bit nervous, but not too much because it wasn’t that close to me. However, as I walked towards it, I noticed a rustling in the bushes to my right…another moose. This did make me nervous because this guy was pretty close. As I turned around I saw another 3 moose in the bushes just off the path. They hadn’t surrounded me, but I felt very enclosed. Anyway - this moose on my right didn’t look to happy so I started to take a few steps backwards, and then he did it - he charged…I say charged, he took a couple of aggressive steps towards me pretty quickly - in my books - that’s charging. So I took A LOT more steps back away from him and let him cross the path. About 10 minutes goes by as I stand their in fear unable to move, and eventually all 5 moose go off into the bush and I continue on my walk. Immediately after this event I had a surge of excitement as this was exactly what I wanted to experience, however pretty quickly came the thought of fear that ANYTHING could be a round the corner…this put me on edge for the rest of the 6 miles of the trail. (I did come across another moose later on but I was with people so I wasn’t as scared…got some incredible photos too!)

Another highlight of the today was me realizing that bears don’t lay eggs. Let me explain: Before the whole moose thing I was feeling like Steve Irwin…accept alive. I thought I’d be daring and go off track a couple of times to get some nice photos of the coast. Having spoken to a few people about doing this, they always go on and on about being careful for bears…so once when I was off-track, I saw this small round, white thing on the floor and my mind instantly thought…“Bear’s egg!”…it took me about 40 seconds to remember that bears don’t lay eggs…the wild can make you go crazy.

So today I walked about 12 miles in total. Got charged by a moose and got some insane close ups of another moose. I’m yet to eat anything, and it’s coming up to 2030pm so I’m going to go find some lunch.

Ciao fro now!

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