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Friday, 29 July 2011

Day ?? - Catch up day

So i'm not sure what day it is as i've spent the entire day today on a 12 hour train ride from Fairbanks to Anchorage.

Wifi in Denali and Fairbanks was limited to my phone so it was very difficult to keep this blogging going, so instead i'm just going to ignore the alst week or so and write how i'm feeling today.

I think it's something like 3 maybe 4 days until i return home and in all honesty, i cannot wait! Don't get me wrong, i really do love it here, especially in Denali, but i miss Tobi so bad. Lord knows how i'm going to spend a year in Oz?!

Denali has my heart. The whole place was just perfect and i found it very difficult to leave there. I made a lot of friends, with 3 very special friends - Skadi, Boleck and Cristina. We sat around a campfire and ate s'mores. we hiked up mountains. We interacted with sled dogs - it was all so special. I hope our paths meet again.

Fairbanks was ok - sadly i naturally compared it to Denali and it didn't even come close, although i did get to ride a SEGWAY which was pretty cool! (See picture). It's nice ot be back in Anchorage though slowly winding down and preparing to get back to reality.

When i get home i have a lot of assignment work to do. Basically i have 2500 words to write in 2 days. I tried doing a little bit a week or so ago but i had no motivation. The thing with Alaska is that because of the lack of darkness, sleep is a luxuary. I'm always so tired from hiking all day and not getting much sleep at night. But i'm going to relax the next few days.

My plan for tomorrow is to go to the Zoo and see some Polar Bears. No doubt i'll take thousands of pictures! i think the picture count currently stands at 834...jeez.

Right, going to sign off now. Sorry this wasn't all that interesting but i'll post some photos for entertainment.

Ciao for now,


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