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Sunday, 19 June 2011

General shizzle...

So i'm fairly new to all this blogging stuff, but i suppose even Mark Zuckerberg had to start somewhere right?!

Below you'll find a load of song lyrics. i'm gonna post more song lyrics because i love writing. it's kind of like my free therapy and to be honest - i have a lot of shit in my life to write about.

I may upload a few videos every now and then (if i can work out how?!) of my lyrics being poorly sung to some music. i sometimes sing covers too.

I also like taking photos so i will most likely upload a bunch of photos for everyone to see...especially as i'm about to go to Alaska!! (aaaaahhh!!)

In the box just below the big picture of many mes, type your e-mail address in and you'll get notifications of when i upload stuff.

Hope you like!


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