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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

"4 weeks today..."

4 weeks today I go to Alaska. I could not be more excited.

In 4 weeks time I escape the Woking world. I escape the bad people that harm me. And most of all, I escape reality. I get to be in my own world and do whatever I want.

I won’t think about feelings like love and hate. I will concentrate on being one with no identity. I will be the Supertramp living a dream. I will push personal boundaries and do things I wouldn’t usually do. I will see sights that not many others have seen. I will explore until there’s nothing left to explore, or die trying.

I will not think about those that hurt me. Those that are selfish, narrow-minded and arrogant to the world we live. I will still feel pity for those that can’t place Africa on a map, but I will not care about them one bit. I will probably still think about those I used to love, and this will upset me because they don’t deserve my time. But this is something I will just have to deal with.

I will make new friends. I will get a stamp in my passport. I will take hundreds of photos and hours of video, but most of all…I will live my life.


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