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Friday, 24 June 2011


You kill me with your silence.
Do you feel anything at all?
Do you have any emotion
In your concrete heart?

You're always so secretive.
Don't know why I trusted you.
I used to think it was mystery.
But now it hurts me.

Laid everything out on the table
You had every card to play with.
You're a numbers man who's able,
To win any heart you lay with.

And I gave everything.
But got nothing.
Yet still I gave everything.
Even though I got nothing.

Once was a time where we,
Were able to talk to each other.
And once was a time where,
No one else knew.

But Mr attention seeker,
Aligns with his female counterpart.
You're so alike in your facial disguise.
Playing those around you in your games.

It burns me to question
Why I gave so much to you?
And can I risk doing the same now
For somebody else new?

- chorus -

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